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This edition of La Fleur’s Magazine features “The $1.6 Billion Jackpot: The best or worst thing to happen in the lottery industry?” as the cover feature. This article includes expert industry interviews plus Google Trends research on keyword search (30-day and 4-year) plus La Fleur’s player poll. Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief is interviewed on the impact of Powerball Pandemonium, which raised $1.3 billion for good causes nationwide during the jackpot runup.

La Fleur’s calendar 2015 and 4th quarter calendar 2015 versus 2014 statistical reports rank U.S. and Canadian lotteries by total, draw and instant sales. Traditional and non-traditional games are tracked, including U.S. Internet and eLottery sales.

Coverage of La Fleur’s 2015 Lottery Conclave & Interactive Summit in Orlando dishes up speaker sound bites plus panel reviews and more. The ALC, Illinois, Kansas and Minnesota lotteries sweep the Fleurry Best Event Awards. 

The monkey will be causing mischief this Chinese New Year so take a peek at tickets sold in China . TV game shows are big hits for lotteries. Oregon Lottery creates compact dashboard to analyze scratch success with 76 slicer combos.

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