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September October Edition

This edition of La Fleur’s Magazine features “The Spirit of Instants: The Future eInstant Is Rooted In Its Past” as the cover story. New York Lottery releases new AR Gold Castle scratcher. FY17 Instant Game Trends looks at marketers’ predictions on what will be big.

“The Curious Case of FY2016 Sales” infographic looks at bloc lotto jackpot runs, the $1.6B Powerball phenomenon, unstoppable instants and keno vs. lotto.

La Fleur’s FY16 vs. FY15 plus the 2nd quarter calendar 2016 versus 2015 statistical reports rank U.S. and Canadian lotteries by total, draw and instant sales. Traditional and non-traditional games are tracked, including U.S. Internet and eLottery sales. Unaudited FY16 total government income, gross gaming revenues (GGR) and prizes are also tracked.

This magazine also unveils the 3rd Annual Best eInstant Games Report. This is a must read for the top selling einstants by price point in Canada, Europe and United States.

World Scan profiles bestselling e-instant games sold last year in Canada, Europe and the United States.

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