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November December

This edition of La Fleur’s Magazine features “Are Your Instant Prizes Losing You Customers?” as the cover feature. This compelling article is based on the research of Stephen Wade, Director of Research & Development at Washington’s Lottery. Florida Lottery launches its first holiday family scratcher suite which includes the “Gift of Giving” Instagram Holiday Contest. D.C. Lottery hopes to dunk a winner with its new $5 Washington Wizards scratcher.

La Fleur’s 3rd quarter calendar 2015 versus 2014 statistical reports rank U.S. and Canadian lotteries by total, draw and instant sales. Traditional and non-traditional games are tracked, including U.S. Internet and eLottery sales.

This magazine also unveils the FY15 State of the Industry: VLTs Report. FY15 VLT net machine income tops $6.2 billion, an 8% increase over FY14 for the eight U.S. lotteries operating VLTs. Canadian lotteries’ net VLT rises 2% to C$2.5 billion.

Santa’s Little Marketing Campaign shows how lottery marketers have the holidays are wrapped up with seasonal scratchers, draw and internet campaigns in Australia, Canada, New Zealand the USA.

World Scan profiles spotlights holiday products in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

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