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March APril Edition

This edition of La Fleur’s Magazine features “The Club: An In-Depth Review on Ten U.S. Lottery Player Clubs” as the cover feature. Second chance contests are one of the most popular features. Lucky for Life and Cash4Life are sweeping the industry by storm. But the original multi-state ”For Life” lotto dates back to 1998.

There  is a calendar 2015 guide to sales for two quasi-national “For Life” bloc games. Worldwide lottery sales dropped 3% to $276.1 billion in La Fleur’s calendar 2015 world lottery sales data report. (This is a must-read subscriber-only report on sales by game for over 180 lotteries worldwide plus total and per capita (PC) sales ranking by total, instant, lotto, numbers and VLT.) 

World Scan features a guide to the Top 9 most intriguing draw games from Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

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