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July August Edition

This edition of La Fleur’s Magazine features “Is Co-Branding The Hero We Need?!” as the cover feature. Almost all lotteries have some type of co-branding initiative taking place, such as licensed scratchers. But lotteries are also exploring either unusual or unique campaigns.

U.S. lotteries’ 1st quarter 2016 sales skyrocketed thanks to the $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot in January. Every lottery increased YOY draw sales.  The “Euro Lottos: What’s Ahead?” feature explores the impact of the lotto mania on the multi-national lotto games sold in Europe where jackpot values are capped.

Finally, if you didn’t attend La Fleur’s DC symposium, there is a full writeup on presentations as well as new program segments such as Bake Off and a quasi-Shark Tank competition. The five winning lotteries of the 2016 Fleurry Ad awards are also reviewed (Loto-Quebec, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina).

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