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La Fleur's Magazine: May June 2015

This edition of La Fleur's Magazine features best instant ticket strategy (U.S. vs Israel), gambling on VLTs (Greece) and a Q&A with outgoing EL President Friedrich Stickler.


In a special EL Conference Roundup, European lottery CEOs weigh in on how to become more market oriented and counter lower growth rates and falling market share.


La Fleur’s 2015 Symposium reports features topics such as bloc lotto, strategic alliance, lottery convergence and responsible gaming plus Strikes for Responsible Gaming. The Arkansas, Colorado, DC, Minnesota and New Hampshire lotteries sweep the 2015 Fleurry Ad Awards. Plus don’t miss the Call for Entries to the 2015 Fleurry Best Lottery Event contest.


La Fleur's Data Index shows a 6% increase in 1Q15 U.S. lottery sales. All new is the non-traditional product sales report for VLT, table games, Internet, epulltabs, ITG games and sports games.


World Link features Colombia’s Para Mama, Chile and Venezuela’s Kino, Brazil’s Easter Draw, Uruguay’s instant success and lottery tie-ins to UN’s International Day of Families.




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