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2015 World Lottery Almanac
Best Instant Games
2013 European Lottery Abstract
Click here to purchase the 2015 World Lottery Almanac La Fleur’s 2015 World Lottery Almanac (22nd edition) is the bible of statistical information tracking the US $284 billion worldwide lottery industry. There is no other book published in the lottery industry that approaches the depth of the Almanac: worldwide lottery sales and rankings, worldwide calendar Internet sales report, North American lottery efficiency study, North American lottery indepth retailer network and advertising report, calendar and fiscal sales and price point report and multi-decade historical sales report by game. TLF Publications has amassed a 23-year database of statistical information on the worldwide lottery industry.
Click here to purchase the 2013 Compendium of Best Instant Games La Fleur’s Compendium of Best Instant Games (FY ‘96-FY ‘12) tracks instant practices in Australasia, Canada, Europe and the United States. The book includes a CD with the Excel database for all the tables published in the publication. This 265-page book covers the best instant game strategies from fiscal 1996 through fiscal 2012 for Australasian, Canadian, European and U.S. lotteries. It is the most comprehensive book on instant ticket marketing practices published in the world. Among the instant marketing strategies studied are the number of instant games launched per year, the number of instant game launches by price point, the average prize payout by price point, the number of $1 and non-$1 instant games sold concurrently and the game introduction rate.
Click here to purchase the 2013 European Lottery Abstract
La Fleur’s 2013 Interim European Lottery Abstract (12th edition) specializes in data on US $114 billion European lottery industry. This is the book when you need indepth information on how the European lotteries compare in performance on the continent. Most impressive is the historical data tracking European lottery performance between 2000 and 2012 for total, lotto, bloc lotto, spiel, instant, draw, toto/Oddset and Internet sales history. An easy-to-understand Fast Facts chapter provides data on lottery contracts, profit earmarking, game mix, ad budget as a percentage of sales and agent networks. . In addition, there are comprehensive profiles published on each European lottery organization tracking multi-calendar year Internet sales and individual game sales, vendors, retailers and guide to executives.

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