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The theme of La Fleur's 2014 Lottery Conclave & Interactive Summit is “Offline&Online” (O&O). The 3-day conference will be held Sunday, November 16-Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at the Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. The Texas State Lottery is the co-host of the conference.


La Fleur’s conclave will feature 35+ speakers from North American lotteries, vendor partners, ad agencies, digital and ecommerce firms talking about the interconnectivity of brick & mortar retail sales and online channels. It is not an either/or equation.  Unlike Amazon that diverted sales from traditional retailers to grow its ecommerce business, the $284 billion global lottery industry has the opportunity to build a 2-way turnpike connecting its physical retail world with its digital and/or ecommerce world. Success will be dictated by active collaboration between a lottery and its traditional retailers for O&O marketing, promotion and sales. It is an interdependent world.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines cosmos as an “orderly, harmonious systematic universe”. To maximize profit for good causes and avoid future sales erosion from competing freemium games, lotteries require a seamless O&O lottery cosmos. Success will be dictated by a multi-channel retailing model. In today’s hyper-connected world, lottery marketers must smash down any walls that divide the retail trade channel from digital channels. Whether or not a lottery can sell its product through mobile and Internet sales channels, it is still imperative to reach current, potential, past and lapsed players through mobile marketing strategies and social media engagement through Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, among social media platforms.


In 2014, Fortune Magazine declared “long live brick-and-mortar stores”. While many big box retailers have closed their doors, lotteries can buttress their omni-channel strategies with pop up “mini-stores” and promotions, “Lottery Boutiques” for experiential campaigns and “Lottery Now” for online conversion to offline at physical stores.


The 3-day conference will feature a blend of 15-minute presentations, interactive breaks, lottery executive panels and private lottery marketers workshop. The first two days of the conference will feature segments on the new premium game launch, marketing national bloc lottos, launching new-style draw games, growing scratcher sales and ad campaigns. The one-day Interactive Summit will put the spotlight on iLottery and social media platform case studies and emerging technology.





  • Sunday, November 16

    4-7 p.m.

    Onsite Registration (Location: Capital A)


    5-7 p.m.

    Opening Night Reception (Location: Capital A)

    (Sponsored by Shoutz)



    Monday, November 17

    9 a.m.

    Welcome Address by Conclave Co-Host: Texas Lottery

    • Winston Krause, Chairman, Texas Lottery Commission Honorable John Kuempel, Texas House of Representatives Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

    1. Become more nimble in the face of the dynamically changing North American Gaming landscape.

    2. Maintain focus on growth of our core business platform through coordinated efforts at continued retail expansion.

    3. Continue the pursuit of a new generation of potential customers through digital marketing, communication and customer support touch points.



  • Premium Game Launch


    • Terry Rich, President of NASPL and CEO of Iowa Lottery

    MONOPOLY Millionaires’ Club™ (MMC) will go on sale on October 19 in 23 states. In this exclusive session, Rich will provide initial sales results as well as information on the second wave of lotteries to join the game in early 2015, benefits of the associated game show and how MMC will help the industry be propelled into the future with social media connections.

  • Panel Discussion: Premium Game Launch

    - Chuck Strutt, Executive Director, MUSL

    - Terry Rich, President of NASPL and CEO of Iowa Lottery

    - Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

    Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine

  • Georgia Lottery: iKeno and Digital Scratch Launch


    • Debbie Alford, CEO & President, Georgia Lottery Corporation

    Interactive is an important new delivery channel for the lottery industry.   Two years ago, the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) began selling draw products over the Internet.  Since then, Georgia has successfully launched Keno internet sales and is currently piloting digital scratch offerings.  Learn about Georgia’s strategy and approach to online offerings and how the GLC is working to fully leverage the interactive opportunity.

  • Electronic Instant Tickets-Best Practices


    • Jenny Canfield, Director of Operations, Minnesota Lottery

    The Minnesota State Lottery became the first U.S. Lottery to sell electronic instant tickets over the internet. A few lessons learned in the short duration from a government and retailer relations aspect to portfolio management. The presentation will focus on the various aspects and principles applied to develop, create, launch and maintain this new portfolio.

  • This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Lottery - Reaching the 18-34 Audience:


    • Andrew Leeper, Creative Coordinator, Texas Lottery

    In today’s marketplace, Lotteries face real challenges when competing for 18-34 discretionary income. As mature brands, Lottery’s across the country all recognize the importance of building relationships with light and lapsed players as well as attracting new players. To do so we need to not only breathe life into our products but we must find new ways to reach these potential players and truly resonate with them.

  • Sports Sponsorships: Florida Lottery


    • Shan Daniels, Chief of Brand Management, Florida Lottery

    An overview of how the Department of Strategic Alliance benefits the agency and its core mission of generating additional revenue for education in the State of Florida. The fundamental purpose of the Department of Strategic Alliance is to identify and implement new 3rd party partnerships that 1) provide exposure to alternative audiences, 2) revenue through ticket sales and second chance promotions, and 3)  deliver added value to Florida Lottery players. Every year the department oversees roughly 15 agreements. Key partnership/promotions will be profiled.


  • Leveraging Unique Relationships


    • Jay Finks, Director of Marketing & Administration, Oklahoma Lottery

    Lotteries have a powerful brand and can reach a lot of potential consumers. The mission is to leverage it to maximize your efforts (and your budgets). With a 35% profit requirement, limited advertising and promotion budget and no ad agency, the Oklahoma Lottery was forced to find creative ways to make its brand relevant and increase sales through exposure. This presentation will show how the lottery sought out regional and national partners to increase its prize budget expenditure (at zero cost to lottery) and provide product case studies. Finks will provide critical advice on creating and managing the partnership.

  • Missouri Lottery’s Sponsorship Formula


    • Marty Zuniga, Director, Sponsorship & Community Relations

    Missouri Lottery’s approach to capitalizing on sponsorships is focused largely on enhancement.  As is often quoted around the meeting tables, “We don’t make the party, we make it better.”  The first step in living this mantra is knowing which sponsorships are a good fit for the Missouri Lottery.  The remaining steps involve getting return on our investment.  We have developed several insights through our experience with sponsorships which help us facilitate returns. These include: innovative branding, active engagement, utilization of new technology, and the realization of our demographic target’s mindset.  All have helped us turn our sponsorships into an important addition to the overall marketing mix.

  • Fleurry Best Lottery Event Awards Ceremony

    Henry Oakes, Sales Director, Geonomics

  • Retailer Panel

    This will be a wide-ranging discussion with a former convenience store owner turned lottery director with lottery retailers representing different trade styles, including grocery stores and convenience gas outlets. The discussion will focus on what can be transformational for lotteries to improve their retail presence and how a lottery’s relationship with its retailer base can be improved.



    - Terry Presta, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery

    - Stephanie Martinez, Services Company Operations Mgr., H.E.B.

    - Steven Desautels, Murphy Oil

    - Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine

  • Program & Summit Sponsor Presentation: GTECH

    Sue Strouse, VP Retail Strategy and Business Development, GTECH


    Sue Strouse will discuss GTECH’s commitment to assist lotteries with growing retail sales.  Specifically, she will overview results from a recent Parthenon Group study GTECH commissioned to quantify U.S. retail market opportunities for same store sales and recruitment across a dozen key retail channels. As part of this overview Sue will discuss the role self service solutions will play in ongoing retail recruitment.  Additionally, Sue will discuss GTECH’s new proprietary Retail Market Insights application which will provide an unprecedented view of state specific and aggregated U.S. retail data—leading to actionable insights in support of chain development and retail performance optimization.

  • Program & Summit Sponsor Presentation: InComm

    Tim Richardson, VP, Business Development, Financial Services, InComm

  • Program & Summit Sponsor Presentation: Lottovate

    Lottovate: Introducing the New Digital Lottery Champion

    Zurine Saez de Viteri, Managing Director, Lottovate


    A brief introduction to Lottovate—who we are, what we do—and our passion for digital lottery. PLUS a summary of the key findings from our recent U.S. consumer survey. Our survey, conducted by independent experts YouGov, estimates a potential market for digital lottery in the US at £17.5bn of incremental sales. With new players, as well as existing players, driving digital demand, the opportunities for US lotteries in launching  a digital proposition is to broaden participation as well as raise additional revenues.

  • Program Sponsor Presentation: INTRALOT

    Fivi Rondiri, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, INTRALOT Inc.


    Leveraging Byron La Fleur’s latest article about the success of Instant Terminal Games in the U.S. market (September/October issue), Rondiri will talk about the evolution of those games in different jurisdictions. She will focus her presentation on successful product innovations as well as future developments in the category.

  • Program Sponsor Presentation: Scientific Games

    Interactive Draw Games

    Leslie Badger, Vice President, Systems Marketing, Scientific Games


    Bloc Lotto games generate a lot of excitement for players when jackpots reach record-breaking levels. Other draw games like Numbers, Lotto, and Cash 5 enjoy a loyal following by core players. Given their high margin and strong brand awareness, draw games are critical within the lottery portfolio, but they often lack the excitement of varied themes, prize structures, play styles, as well as opportunities for second chance wins, interactive extensions, brand applications, and play-for-fun features. This is no longer the case! Draw games can now be “brought to life” interactively on mobile, tablet and desktop to give current player more reasons to play and  infrequent players more incentive than ever to “get into the (draw) game”!


  • Wyoming Lottery Launch


    • Jon Clontz, CEO, Wyoming Lottery Corp.

    This presentation will focus on the recent launch of Wyoming Lottery Corp., which reported $1,000 in sales per minute for the first hour of ticket sales on August 24. WyoLotto™ currently sells Powerball and Mega Millions.



  • Draw Game Panel

    U.S. lotteries are experimenting with new price points, new draw game content and new draw mechanisms to add variety and stimulate consumer interest in terminal-based games. This panel will examine new hybrid game concepts such as All or Nothing and Fast Play  and  as well as the national and regional bloc games that are transforming the lottery landsape.



    - Jeff Hatch-Miller, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery

    - Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director, New Hampshire Lottery

    - Jon Clontz, CEO, Wyoming Lottery Corp.

    Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine



  • GTECH-Sponsored Social Event: Speakeasy (located in the heart of the Austin Warehouse District)

    6 p.m.-12 midnight

     Come celebrate Texas-style at Speakeasy located in the heart of the Austin Warehouse District! It is one of downtown Austin’s most celebrated event and entertainment venues. Speakeasy is 3 clubs in 1 with a live music stage, vintage bowling lanes, pool table and a roof top terrace with amazing downtown Austin views.

    The event is catered by Austin’s Original Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew! Recently nominated as one of Texas’ Best BBQ joints, Stiles Switch is firing up their pits to bring their brisket and other smoked meats, signature rib-sticking sides and Texas sweets to the party. (Vegetarian options will available.) The open bar will be accepting guests at 6pm serving signature Texas drinks and Texas select beers. Entertainment begins with legendary Austin icon Dale Watson kicking off at 7pm followed by local favorite, Suede, playing until 12am.

    Venue: Speakeasy

    Address: 412D Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

    Warehouse District, Downtown

    Time: 6pm – 12am


    7pm – 8:30pm: Dale Watson

    9pm – 12am: Suede, Austin

  • Tuesday, November 18

    9 a.m.

    State of iGaming in Europe


    • Friedrich Stickler, President, EL Association

    The focus of the presentation will be an overview of what services and products are offered in the European gambling markets and what major problems go along with that.

    What role do offshore operators play and what measures are already in place against the illegal offer. The presentation will also show some best practice examples of different European countries and give an impression of the various variants of online gambling regulation.

  • State of iLottery in Canada


    • Joey Cormier, Director, Marketing, eGaming, Atlantic Lottery Corp.

    Canada has been at the forefront of the iLottery evolution in North America.  Atlantic Lottery recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary of providing safe and responsible Internet gambling.  Lottery products have been an important part of the product portfolio over those 10 years.  The session will provide a brief overview of the Canadian iLottery landscape including a jurisdictional review.  Atlantic Lottery will share some of the drivers behind iLottery growth in its market.  Lastly, Atlantic Lottery will share its iLottery priorities for the next couple years and a few words of advice.

  • Texas Lottery: Family of Games


    • Dale Bowersock, Product Coordinator, Texas Lottery

    The Texas Lottery attempted introducing families of games in the past without much success.  But the lottery continued to see the families of games perform well in other jurisdictions and decided to once again look at introducing families in Texas. This time it decided to use its popular Weekly Grand brand and expand it into a family. The lottery also looked for another family that could possibly be added after the Weekly Grand family’s sales plateaued so it decided to produce a multiplier family. This presentation will provide the history of families in Texas and the success story of its recent introductions.

  • 21st Anniversary Black Scratcher


    • James Hutchinson, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Georgia Lottery Corp.

    After celebrating a successful 20th Anniversary, the Georgia Lottery was left to answer the question...”what's next?”  The answer was a comprehensive 21st Anniversary promotion, positioned as a youthful "all grown up" campaign. Starting with the development of special Anniversary-themed instant games, the celebration continued with a press event, special events, social media, traditional media and a collaboration with the youthful product brand, Kia Motors. The lottery was able to leverage the equity of the KIA brand in co-branded marketing promotion.


  • California Lottery: The Power of Five (New Scratcher Campaign)

    • Janet Wang, Management Supervisor, David & Goliath
    • Kristen Knape, Strategic Planning Director, David & Goliath

    As with so many jurisdictions, the $5 Scratchers category is hugely important to the CA Lottery as it is typically makes up the largest – or one of the largest – share of sales. Since the spring of 2013, $5 category has faced challenges due to both the introduction of higher price point tickets and current $5 players not playing as often. The California Lottery needed to create a campaign that reengaged consumers with the $5 price point and reignited the $5 category. Join the presentation to discover the power of five.


  • NPG:  Pioneering Comprehensive Sales Training for Draw Based Games


    • Nat Worley, Vice President, North America Marketing, GTECH Corp.
    • Robert Tirloni, Products & Drawing Manager, Texas Lottery

    The National Premium Game launch was all about partnership & collaboration. Robert Tirloni and Nat Worley will discuss the comprehensive retail training program that GTECH developed and delivered with lotteries all over the country to support the launch of MONOPOLY Millionaires Club. This collaboration between lottery and vendor partner for a national product launch has produced unprecedented enthusiasm and product familiarity among lottery sales staff and retailer staff. It was a central component of the effort to drive awareness, generate retailer excitement and produce a consistent  national product message. Hear about the details of this training program, how we are trying to institutionalize the approach in Texas for all draw based games, and our plans to create a continuous draw game education method for retailers.


  • GTECH Private Marketers Lunch

    12-1:45 p.m.

    (Assembly Room)

    Theme: National Game Product Positioning

    Join us for an exclusive interactive discussion to review what lotteries are doing to successfully position the new Monopoly Millionaires Club game and generate excitement around the first group of millionaires that have been made as well as the first drawing that will take place to select the winners of the trip to Vegas and a chance to participate in the upcoming television game show.

    We will also spend some time brainstorming the key message points and value propositions that will be important for a successful implementation of the upcoming Powerball game change. We will have some concepts to get everyone thinking but please plan to bring your best ideas with you to foster discussion!

  • Maryland Lottery’s Gaming Impact Study


    • Will Cummings, President, Cummings and Associates
    • Professor Doug Walker, College of Charleston

    This presentation will summarize the firm’s recent study for the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission on the impact of casinos on lottery sales, which analyzed monthly zip code-level sales data on different lottery products from July 2009 through February 2014 using a model that accounts for casino proximity. Study results indicate that lottery sales decline more in closer proximity to casinos, with monitor games and multi-state games most affected. Maryland casinos have negatively impacted lottery sales by $44-50 million per year (2.7% of annual sales). Two new casinos are projected to cause another 2.6% decline ($45 million) in annual lottery sales.


  • Gaming Impact Panel

    This panel will examine the background on Maryland casinos and its state lottery, the

    econometric model and results and possible application in other jurisdictions.


    - Stephen Martino, Director, Maryland Lottery & Gaming Control Agency

    - Will Cummings, President, Cummings & Associates

    - Professor Doug Walker, College of Charleston

    - Moderator: Terri Markle, Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine


  • Program Sponsor Panel: State of the Industry

    This panel will examine the potential of iLottery, draw game innovation, mobile activation and retailer expansion. Opinions will also be sought on the national legislative threats to curtail U.S. lotteries’ rights to sell online.



    - Michelle Carney, VP, Strategic Customer Initiatives, GTECH Corp.

    - Tony Fontaine, VP, Business Development, Interactive Gaming & Lottery Solutions, InComm

    - John Pittman, Vice President, Marketing, INTRALOT Inc.

    - Zurine Saez de Viteri, Managing Director, Lottovate

    - Michael Lightman, Vice President, Lottery Interactive, Scientific Games


  • A Good Case for Change


    • Linda Hamlin, Communications Manager, New Mexico Lottery

    It’s a brand new day at the New Mexico Lottery.  Since joining the 18-year-old lottery 11 months ago, CEO David Barden has empowered a staff of 55 employees to embrace swift and dramatic change to begin creating the new New Mexico Lottery.  And just about everything is looking up, including employee morale, legislative and vendor relationships, systems infrastructure, marketplace presence, the game portfolio and – more importantly – sales.  Scratcher sales alone are up 10%.

  • OLG’s Licensed Watch N Win Launch


    • Adam Caughill, Director, Lottery Business Development, OLG

    In October 2014, The Ontario Lottery launched NHL Lotto, the newest addition to their wildly successful Watch N Win category of lotto games.  NHL Lotto marries Canadians' passion for hockey and the brand strength of the #1 professional sports league in Canada. Caughill will discuss the innovative features of the new game, the partnership with the National Hockey League, and the co-branded marketing campaign.

  • Panel: Lottery Marketing Directors

    This will be a wide-ranging discussion on category vs. brand management of scratcher sales, impact of new $5 national premium game, holiday initiatives and more.


    - Colleen O’Neil, Marketing Director, Kansas Lottery

    - Teri Wood, Vice President, Marketing, Iowa Lottery

    - Jay Finks, Director of Marketing & Administration, Oklahoma Lottery

    - Robert Tirloni, Products & Drawing Manager, Texas Lottery

    - Adam Caughill, Director, Lottery Business Development, OLG

    - Moderator: Terri Markle, President, TLF Publications



  • Pollard Banknote Presentation

    To be determined

  • Pollard Banknote-Sponsored Hospitality Event - Stephen F.'s bar (Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel)

    5:15-6:45 p.m.

    All attendees are invited to Happy Hour (and a Half) Function after the program ends! (You must wear your registration badge to be served.)


  • Wednesday, November 19

    9 a.m.

    Panel: Texas Lottery Product Marketing & Execution

    Robert Tirloni, Products and Drawings Manager

    Dale Bowersock, Instant Product Coordinator

    Julie Terrell, Draw Game Coordinator

    Andrew Leeper, Creative Coordinator

    Shannon Plum, GTECH Marketing


    Key topics for discussion will include game planning and determining key initiatives for upcoming fiscal year, execution and communication, multi-media vs. POS only vs. ESMM only for key and secondary product initiatives, exclusive co-ops with corporate accounts, chains and retailer association groups and role of promotional events.

  • Summit Sponsor Presentation

    Carmanah Signs, Inc.

    Maxwell Goldstein, Vice President, Sales, Carmanah Signs



    Brad Cummings, President & CEO, EquiLottery


    EquiLottery is a new $2 draw game that delivers dynamic payouts to horseplayers and lottery players by commingling the same wagering pools, pays lotteries expected revenues and expands customer base and directly increases horse racing handle, exposure and distribution. Initial estimates for this product exceed $100 million in some jurisdictions. The lottery and racing sectors have the same problem in engaging millennials. EquiLottery offers the experiential excitement they crave with the convenience they demand. EquiLottery brings a fresh prospect to both the ‘Sport of Kings’ and the world of lotteries.


    GTECH Corp.

    Matteo Monteverdi, Senior VP, iGaming, GTECH SVP Interactive


    These are exciting times for lottery operators: they have the opportunity to build connections with new players and deepen relationships with existing customers – all through the leverage of online and mobile channels. Online lottery offers something different – accessibility, unique games, entertainment and a wider choice of content. The speed and ease is appealing to new consumers and the addressable market is significant. Is internet for lotteries or lotteries for the internet? Lotteries shouldn't simply port their offering online but should think at this space as a new platform. It’s important to educate the public, as well as legislators and regulators, on what iLottery is all about. iLottery is not a replacement for lottery; it’s another incremental business with its own rules.



    Karina Grotz, Senior Manager, Business Development, Interactive Gaming & Lottery Solutions, InComm


    Lottovate: Introducing the New Digital Lottery Champion

    Matthias Schulz, Senior Business Development Manager, Lottovate


    Introduction to Lottovate and its Marketing Partnership service.

    This is an overview of who Lottovate is, our experience and our range of i-lottery services, with a focus on digital marketing.


    Shoutz: The Path of Content Marketing

    Frank Rash, COO, LotteryHUB


    Verve Mobile

    Paige Friedman, Account Executive, Verve Mobile


    This presentation will focus on location-based mobile advertising. Verve Mobile builds, hosts and operates 2,000+ apps. The firm has worked for multiple U.S. lottery jurisdictions, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. Verve data allows for targeting down to the neighborhood block level to reach the highest level of lottery customers. Location data provides lottery marketers with detailed insights into consumer behavior in the world—where they go, what they do, what they like and who they are. Hyper local content on Verve’s proprietary ad tech platform provides strongest results in the market.

  • Summit Sponsor Panel: InteractiveTrends

    This panel will look at “go to market” initiatives to sell online, whether mobile, tablet or computer, the sales results for lotteries currently selling online in North America, the role of digital peripherals for new consumer touch points and mobile-powered advertising and lottery apps.

  • Maps & Mindsets: Two Tools, One Integrated Strategy on Loyalty Programs


    • Jeremy Ages, Director, Strategy, The Marketing Store

    To create a truly integrated offline and online communication strategy, marketers need to gain visibility into the full experience their customers have with their brand – and seek to move beyond simply understanding what customers purchase, but look to uncover insight into why. Understanding why is the gateway to creating meaningful engagement and through recent research on loyalty, we’ve uncovered 6 overarching loyalty mindsets that can help set the foundation. Our session will help marketers get started with how to map their customer journey and how to layer in loyalty mindsets to develop differentiated and engaging marketing strategies.


  • OLG: eCoupons for Regional Lottos


    • Dante Anderson, Manager, Regional Lotto, OLG

    For the launch of MEGADICE LOTTO in October 2012, OLG utilized a FREEPLAY E-Coupon to raise awareness beyond traditional advertising and encourage trial with the younger, digital-savy generation. It was the first integrated digital e-coupon across all Canadian Lottery jurisdictions and was unique because it gave consumers the convenience of printing at home or displaying the e-coupon right on their smartphone. The e-coupon mechanism has been used in several new game launches because they are proven to encourage trial, with approximately 1%of Ontario adults using an e-coupon with each launch and redemption rates exceeding 60%.


  • Texas Lottery: Social Media Execution


    • Robyn Smith, Information Specialist, Texas Lottery

    The Texas Dream Home social media campaign is an excellent case study showing effective use of graphics, contests and user-generated content on social media. The Texas Dream Home initiative successfully drove engagement, new likes/follows, sales and second-chance contest entries by incorporating exciting prizes and promoting user-driven interactions, especially on Facebook and Twitter. In this short but idea-packed presentation, we will cover the goals, planning, execution and results of this exciting campaign.


  • Pennsylvania Lottery: Social Media Objectives


    • Tara Trees, Social Media Manager, Pennsylvania Lottery

    In Pennsylvania, we strive to grow our social media channels, but maintain an audience that is engaged with our brand. Our social media objectives are to build our number of followers, increase conversation and expand our social presence. We have grown our followers through promotions and paid media buys. To increase conversation, our goal is to create high quality, informative and entertaining content for a clearly defined audience on our specific social media platforms. We strive to develop a content strategy for our existing social platforms that encourages conversation and shareable moments. Finally, we recently expanded our social media presence by launching a Google+ page. We try to leverage our current content strategy to engage consumers via new platforms. Enjoy the buffet and spend some time networking with summit attendees in roundtable fashion informally.

  • Panel: Lottery Marketers’ Interactive Initiatives

    This will be a wide-ranging discussion on interactive trends, including social media, digital media, use of apps and more.

    - Tara Trees, Director, Social Media Manager, Pennsylvania Lottery

    - Dante Anderson, Manager, Regional Lotto, OLG

    - Robyn Smith, Information Specialist, Texas Lottery

    - Moderator: Terri Markle, President, TLF Publications


  • 1:30-3 p.m.

    Interactive Summit Networking Luncheon

    Enjoy the buffet and spend some time networking with summit attendees in roundtable fashion informally.

La Fleur’s 2014 Lottery Conclave has sold out of our discounted room block at the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel. The hotel is now charging its rack rates ($338-$368). You can request to be put on a waiting list if a room is canceled in our block.


Alternative Hotel List


These three hotels are all good hotels and are new or renovated.


1. Hampton Inn & Suites Austin-Downtown/Convention Center

200 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, Texas, 78701, USA

Tel: 512-472-1500

Fax: 512-472-8900


$239-$259 (rate as of Sept. 9)


2. Hyatt Place Austin Downtown

211 East 3rd Street

Austin, Texas, 78701, USA

Tel: 512 476 4440

Fax: 512 476 4404


$269 (rate as of Sept. 9)


3. Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin Downtown

111 Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78701  |

Tel: (512) 478-9611


$334 (rate as of Sept. 9)


These hotels are near the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel


1. The Driskill (Hyatt) – Luxury Historic Hotel

604 Brazos Street

Austin, Texas, USA, 78701

Tel: 512 439 1234

Fax: 512 474 2214


$319 (rate as of Sept. 9)


2. Omni Austin Hotel Downtown

700 San Jacinto Blvd

Austin, TX 78701

Tel: 512-476-3700

Fax: 512-397-4888


$269 (rate as of Sept. 9)



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