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La Fleur's Upcoming Conferences

May 5-8th in D.C.


The DC Lottery is the co-host of La Fleur's 2015 Lottery Symposium & Retailing Summit. The conference will look at three primary ways to drive fiscal 2015 sales: Prioritize, Optimize & Penetrate (POP). Thanks to the 24/7 connection with players through social media, state lotteries can develop a personal connection. This is a priority. The days of lotteries being a transaction-based sale are over. Lottery players demand more information about the brands they buy. They want a multi-sensory in-store experience, instead of a boring dollar purchase of a lottery ticket.


June 14-17 in Toronto


OLG is the host jurisdiction of La Fleur’s 2015 Global Lottery Forum, which will be held in Toronto, from June 14-17, 2015 at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. A university setting is a new venue  style for a La Fleur’s conference which we believe will accentuate the opportunity for white paper presentations, academic discussion, networking and roundtable discussion. The Forum will also include the La Fleur’s Sustain- ability Awards competition for lottery organizations for the areas of corporate social responsibility, responsible gaming and the environment.

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