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Statistical Books

La Fleur’s 2015 World Lottery Almanac and La Fleur’s 2015 European Lottery Abstract are the complete reference source on the $246 billion worldwide lottery industry. The Almanac highlights the North American lotteries, in particular the U.S. and Canadian lotteries. The Abstract highlights European Lotteries. Both books however have data on all world lotteries including the most recent sales releases from lotteries around the world. 

La Fleur’s Compendium of Best Instant Games includes 16 years of La Fleur’s Best Instant Games of the Year Survey (fiscal 1996 through fiscal 2013) as published in La Fleur’s Magazine. The Excel database CD-ROM features more than 200 Microsoft Excel tables published in this book. La Fleur’s Best Instant Games of the Year report takes an annual snapshot of what is in vogue in marketing instant tickets. The comprehensive study covers instant lottery practices in Australia, Canada and the United States as well as certain jurisdictions in Europe.

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La Fleur's 2016 World Lottery Almanac